Five Stay At Home Activities That You Can Do From Your Apartment

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While staying at home it’s easy to get stuck in the same routine and quickly get bored. However, there is a silver lining. Now more than ever, you have more time to devote yourself to creative endeavors or projects that you’ve never had time to complete. We created a list of five stay at home activities that will get out of your rut. Check out these fun things to do! 

Cook or Bake A New Recipe 

While you're staying at home in your apartment you’re never far from your kitchen. Now is that time to advantage of that! Open your favorite cookbook or head to your favorite Instagram chef’s account and pick out a dish that you’d like to make. You may like the recipe so much that you want to share it with a friend.  

Tune Into A Livestream 

Livestreams are an entertaining way to help us all feel connected while we stay at home. There are content creators on each platform, such as Instagram and Twitch, that create content for every niche: from gaming, to painting, to makeup. When you receive a notification that a favorite creator of yours is doing a livestream, be sure to tune in. 

Start, Or Finish A Book 

We’re all guilty of having that pile of books that we never managed to finish. Now is the best time to conquer it! Or, if you’ve already exhausted your own library, head to an online bookstore or library and pick out a new one. You can even convince your friends to read it along with you and start a Zoom book club while you stay at home.  

Learn A New Skill  

If there is a skill that you wanted to take up but never had the time, now is the time to pursue it! From YouTube to Masterclass, there are countless platforms online that can teach you something that you’d like to learn. You could learn a new artistic skill, instrument, cooking technique, DYI project, and more. All the resources you need are only an internet search away. 

Write Letters To Friends  

Writing letters has become obscure in today’s interconnected world. Take the time to write some heartfelt letters to loved ones, such as family and friends. Buy custom scrapbooking paper online and include some photos which have sentimental value. They will appreciate it. 

The best time to get those creative juices flowing is when you’re at home. So, put on your thinking caps and begin on some fun indoor activities. You will be surprised what you can create, right from the comfort of your luxury apartment

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