How Implementing Strong Branding and Refined Interiors Exploded NMS Properties’ Online Lead Generation

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In Los Angeles’ ultra-competitive multi-family, luxury real estate space, we’ve worked hard to make our name stand out from the rest. Over the past couple of years, we’ve shifted our priorities to focus on growing our brand. Original content development and virtual marketing are just some of the marketing activities bringing awareness to our portfolio of 18 diverse, first-in-class buildings as true all-encompassing communities where we know our residents will want to live, work and play.  

Our efforts have paid off extraordinarily. In the past year alone, our online lead generation has more than doubled, confirming that we are confident we’re in alignment with what our residents are looking for. Just a couple of years ago, in 2020 generated 69,500 users from direct website traffic. Following our more established branding strategy, we saw that number skyrocket to 150,400 in 2021.  

While the past year has undoubtedly displayed the largest jump, we’ve consistently seen these numbers double over the past five years, growing stronger and stronger. As direct website traffic is derived from those users who manually type a URL into their browser or access it through their already-saved bookmarks, these numbers indicate those who have come to know NMS Residential by recognition either by branding or word of mouth.

Additionally, updating our websites with photography focused on a combination of lifestyle and design, not just our product offering, has been instrumental in growing our website traffic. We made a commitment to move beyond stock photography, found on many other multi-family websites, and implement a concentrated effort towards highlighting the amenities of our properties to potential residents, so that they could see themselves calling us home.  

In a clear indication of the difference that this makes, one of our properties, Wilshire Victoria, located along Los Angeles’ famed Wilshire Corridor, saw analytics on the internet listing website rise 71% from 2020 to 2021, just by updating the photos featured on the listing. After reviewing the analytics in December 2020, it was clear that the photos under the luxury apartment building’s listing were simply not resonating with someone who would potentially live there, making it even more difficult if they might not be able to view the property in person (due to pandemic travel restrictions or otherwise) and thus, more difficult to commit to.  

By switching from photography that included basic rented furniture and non-styled interiors to professional shots curated by our in-house interior designer and complemented by matching home accessories, we saw a collective desire for people to want to click through for more details on the property. While the number of impressions for the Wilshire Victoria listing on stayed the same in 2021 as it did the previous year, the number of people who clicked the listing had nearly tripled thanks to refined interiors that were more aligned with their particular lifestyle.

With strategies like defining our branding, updating our photography and continuing to create more original content, we are able to further define why we are a leader in the Los Angeles multi-family real estate industry – and our search results prove that. The power of direct traffic analytics confirms that NMS Properties has become a trusted name in luxury rentals across the area, recognizable beyond just a website click, and only growing stronger each year.

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