2020 Design Trends That Will Inspire You to Redesign Your Apartment

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If you’re looking for a fun project that can be completed a home, consider redecorating your apartment. Interior design can serve as a great creative outlet, in addition to freshening up where you live. There are plenty of fun and simple ways to upgrade your living spaces without paint or a contractor. Here we recap some of 2020’s design trends to give you ideas of how you redecorate your luxury apartment and give it a fresh new look.  

Patterned Textiles  

In 2020, patterns are back in style. From decorative pillows to bedsheets, there are many ways to bring patterns into your space. You can even mix and match to give your apartment an even more bold look.   

Bold Colors 

If you prefer a monochromatic look, bold colors are the way to go. Add a vibrantly colored blanket, pillow, or artwork to any room. It’ll add some contrast to an otherwise neutral apartment.  

Navy Blue  

The Pantone Color Of The Year always has a tremendous influence on dĂ©cor trends.  In 2020, the color is Classic Blue. From accent colors, to entire room repainting, people are discovering the serene power of this deep cool blue shade.  

Overall, your apartment is yours, so it should reflect your personal taste and style. These are just some quick and easy ways to customize your luxury apartment home and keep it on trend. Decorate your apartment and create an enviable living space. 

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