How To Incorporate Chromotherapy Into Your Apartment

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It has long been believed that colors can affect human’s mood. Interior designers have long taken advantage of certain color’s effects on the mind. Every time you enter a retail establishment or view an advertisement, you are viewing a color scheme specifically chosen to invoke emotion from you. Incorporating chromotherapy into your own living space is super easy. You just need to choose the right colors to set the mood you desire. 


If you want a room to be a calming space, go with cooler-toned colors. Blues are an obvious choice of course, but certain tones of greens and purples can also fit these criteria. For purples, choose more blue-toned purples such as lavender and cornflower. For greens, choose lighter, blue-toned greens to set an earthy vibe. Light, pastel pinks can set off an ethereal and relaxing vibe. 


Generally, warmer tones are known to set off an energetic feeling. Yellow is the first color that comes to mind. Yellow is associated with the sun, daffodils, and lemons; all are symbolic of spring and summer. Orange is also very uplifting; it is a color which is sure to bring out any pent-up energy. Orange is one of those colors that fits well in any room you intend to do a lot of exercise in, or perhaps any room you would use a lot for socializing, such as a game room. 


If you intend to use a room for studying, painting, or remote working, greens make a perfect addition. Now, earlier, we mentioned how greens invoke a calming mood. They remind us of nature. Choose muted army, seafoam, and forest greens to help you concentrate.  

So when decorating a luxury apartment, keep these principles of color psychology in mind. Just think about the purpose of the space you’re decorating, what you want out of it, and choose colors accordingly. 

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