NMS Residential Finds Success in Strategy of Original Content Creation

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With an ever-expanding portfolio throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, NMS Properties has become a leader in multifamily and mixed-use properties, along with its luxury multi-family brand NMS Residential. For NMS Residential, to better showcase our focus as a design-forward brand, we decided to move away from the traditional and towards developing more original content this past year.

Whether it’s shooting our own videos, styling apartments specifically for photoshoots, or collaborating with artists to convey our brand’s identity in a unique way, this type of content has elevated our positioning. Not only have we been able to separate ourselves as truly authentic in this market, but we’ve also been able to strengthen connections with those who already, or are who hoping to, call us home.

Styling for the Everyday

As the NMS Residential brand continues to grow, so too does our identity from that very foundation. Yet, at the same time, we also recognize the importance of another growth: social media. As people spend more time exploring brands and in turn, consuming their products that they discover on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, we quickly learned how important it was to provide content they too could enjoy and resonate with.

To better showcase how modern renters live, we’ve enlisted the help of designers to help us transform our already aesthetically pleasing living spaces specifically for photography. We want to go far beyond traditional stock images, that can be acquired cheaply but are not authentic to who we are, while also highlighting assets like our customized interiors. Especially for our furnished co-living spaces at luxury properties like Wilshire Margot, we want to ensure our photos stay true to our brand. From that, we’ve found that when unique social media pages deliver original content it is the best way to communicate who we are and attract those who will love what we have to offer.

Creating a More In-Depth Look

With statistics revealing that social media users prefer video over still photos, we’ve turned our efforts towards shoots that can better convey our product. To mimic our residents and their active, everyday lifestyles, we’ve hired models for not only footage on our properties, but also out in the community and surrounding areas. By doing this, we want to be able to show a diverse, unfiltered representation of who we really are as a company.

Additionally, for those potential residents who may not currently live in Los Angeles, offering video content also allows them the opportunity to see the property and engage with it in a way that’s beyond photography. This is especially important as we continue to move through the pandemic and something we’ve found that has proven to be true, particularly in the previous time of social distancing and travel restrictions. Users have been able to better interact with virtual tours, seeing distinctive features of each unit through a moving lens. By being able to showcase more of our properties, creating video content has provided a unique way to connect with our audience.

Artistry as Enhancement  

With many real estate companies yearning to create a sense of place by way of retail space or other on-site partners, the method has now proved standard and in some cases outdated thanks to technology. Residents can curate a lifestyle specific to them with the help of their mobile devices, without the help of a property management company. Further, they can access everything they need and have it quickly delivered to them. They are not bound to consume services and products at their immediate location, especially in a densely populated city like Los Angeles. However, by providing best-in-class amenities, and now with our artistic partnerships and interior design collaborations, NMS Residential has sought to create a community where residents want to be, one that’s exciting, interesting and all-around original.

At our soon-to-debut property, NMS La Jolla, we’ve partnered with an artist to create lifestyle scenes that embody the type of experience that we believe our residents will enjoy. Given the building’s location in the heart of Beverly Hills, we want to capture that classic feeling of unrivaled living, where our residents are as iconic as their address. Using a blend of photographic renderings and exceptional artistry, we’ll also soon be creating a lifestyle mural to add even more dimensionality. With unique sketches and pieces, we’ll continue to set the bar for the new level of comfort that apartment living can be.

Though creating original content has been a larger financial and more timely commitment, we have found the payoff to be tenfold. By shifting our efforts away from other items and placing higher priority on styling, video, and artistic partnerships, we have found the strategy to paint more of a complete picture of who we are as a company. By highlighting our product through these unique ways, we will continue to remain true to our top goal of creating NMS Residential to be the most authentic brand in the Los Angeles real estate market.

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