Tips For Decluttering Your Apartment Before A Move

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Although moving can be exciting, it can also look like an impossible task. That's why it's important to come up with a strategy before you begin packing up your belongings. With some helpful tips, you’ll be living in your new luxury apartment in Los Angeles faster, and with less stress. 

Give yourself enough time

Don’t wait until the last minute. Some may take a more relaxed approach, decluttering and organizing during the packing and unpacking process. But, employing such a laid-back strategy may eat up much unnecessary time. Plan things out more thoroughly and arrange to gradually declutter your current living space months in advance. You will be grateful you did. 

Declutter before you begin your move

We all know of the ‘sparks joy’ methodology, but not every decluttering method may work for everybody. Some automatically donate items they haven’t used in six months; some decide to give away any item which doesn’t hold sentimental value; some dispose of items they don’t feel compelled to bring in their new home. Craft the guidelines you’ll use when you declutter your Los Angeles apartment what to give away and stick with it. If you’re having trouble parting with your belongings with the guidelines you’ve set, then try to formulate another methodology and see if that’s more effective. 

Categorize your belongings

When cleaning out, categorize your belongings by keep, donate, and dump. Use the methodology we talked about formulating earlier to decide what to keep. Donate items you can see someone else using. Dump perishable foods and broken items.  

Commit to a no-buy

If you give yourself a month or so to declutter, try to commit to not buying anything during that timeframe. Unless something is an essential, commit to not buying any new items in the months leading up to your move. 

It can be difficult letting go of old items, but decluttering items you no longer have any use for can save you a lot of stress in the long run. Moving means new beginnings. Declutter your home and mind before moving into a new place. 

NMS Properties has luxury apartments throughout Los Angeles, so we understand the importance of keeping your LA apartment organized. With these LA moving tips, you can ensure that your move goes smoothly. 

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